"A 21st century fairy tale..."

Stephen J. Carr

Adam Green is a very ordinary man. He lives in an ordinary house in an ordinary suburban street with his wife and two children. He has an ordinary job with the local council and ordinary hobbies to fill his leisure time. His life is modest, comfortable and entirely unremarkable…until the day he gets up and just walks out of it!

He walks out of the door, down his driveway and along the street…and keeps on walking.

Every day around 900 people are reported as ‘missing’ to the UK police. This is one such story, the story of Adam Green; his baffling disappearance and solitary quest for a more meaningful and fulfilling life…one that might even make more sense.

He descends deeper into the dark and dangerous world of the ‘missing’, seeking enlightenment and truth among those who, like him, have either forsaken ordinary lives or have been forsaken by them.

Uplifting, magical, terrifying and heart-breaking in equal measure, his chaotic journey along less trodden paths and among those we too readily dismiss as eccentric, disturbed, insane or just idiotic leads Adam to wonder – which is the real Empire of Fools?